;. Fe and . Bonifacio, while the three remaining ones, Pristine 229.5434+10.6323, Pristine 220.7009+13.1405 and Pristine 225.4126+06.9134, belong to the "high-carbon" of which 3 CEMP. This provides a frequency of 8% and 5% respectively. If we adopt the criterion, 2018.

. Placco, We compare to the "uncorrected" numbers in table 1 of Placco et al. (2014) since we applied no correction to the measured C abundance in giants with log g< 2.0. Even if we restrict ourselves to the "low-carbon" band sample, and compare to the numbers of Placco et al. (2014) that do not take into account CEMP-s and CEMP-r/s stars, that lie on the the "high-carbon" band, our frequencies are definitely lower. We find 7% for stars with [Fe/H]? ?2.0, to be compared to 10% in Placco et al. (2014) and 4% for stars with, 2014.

, While this could easily explain the discrepancy with Placco et al. (2014), the discrepancy with the frequencies of Aguado et al. (2019a) is more difficult to explain

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